The Crack

There are a lot of poorly written stories on the internet.  And a few gems.  Charles Lambert presents us with one such gem.  Polished and well-crafted, “The Crack” sparkles with character and precision, like a diamond cut to perfection.

“Joey tells me about his brother-in-law, a bagpipe-player with a wounded hand who busks the south coast of France with Joey’s sister and a Polish fire-eater. They are in Nice for the autumn, he tells me. The fire-eater’s arms are covered with a lacework of puckered scars, his breath smells of petrol and garlic sausage. His stories are full of details, small sparkling things that seem to be smuggled in from a place where their brightness is natural. I listen and feel that the poetry of the world is ours.”

Full of small details, but not bogged down by them, “The Crack” draws you in, gradually revealing itself and smoothly, almost deceptively, taking you through some pretty sharp turns.  Which is a rather vague description, I know, but  I don’t want to tell you too much about the story and give it away.  Just read it.  You’ll like it.  I promise.

You can read the story here or find more short stories by a variety of authors on the eastoftheweb website where “The Crack” is posted.  To learn more about the author, Charles Lambert, visit his homepage.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the post. It’s always interesting to see how people react to stories on east of the web because it has such a varied public. And it’s particularly gratifying when the reaction is so positive… I appreciate it.

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