candy cigarettes

I love poetry, and I love getting a glimpse into people’s lives through nonfiction sources, such as essays or blogs, but I never knew you could combine the two until recently when I discovered the writing form known as creative nonfiction.  It’s hard to explain, but easy to get once you see it in action.  Here is an exerpt from the piece that made me fall in love with creative nonfiction, or literary nonfiction as it is sometimes called, entitled Candy Cigarettes, by Anne Panning…

 “The cigarettes powdered your lips white. The tips brushed pink with false fire. All of you stood outside the bar, smoking. You knew the positioning well: one arm folded over the stomach. Your other elbow propped upon it: the cigarette swing arm. In. Out. Break to chew.”

You can read the entire piece at the wonderful online literary magazine called Brevity, which features the work of new and established artists, including two Pulitzer prize finalists.

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