The Undreaming

“The Undreaming,” is a sort of dark love story, or perhaps it is about the absence of love.  Written by Monica Rana of Nepal, it is also a glimpse into another world, a perfumed and bejewled world of dark, beautiful women wrapped in bright, beautiful cloth, as well as a world of want, and hurt, and desire…

“She was his fourth wife and she had no title. She was no Maharani, she was not even Rani. She was his concubine and he had married her in a temple with a lone priest chanting the prayers, he had married her in a hurry and as soon as the chanting stopped, he snapped his fingers and the priest ran out of the temple tripping over his priest’s dress cloth on the monsoon-wet stairs, and she could still see the white shadow of the half-naked priest running with the fear of God through the dark rain while he pulled her to the ground.”

This piece is written in a very poetic way.  I really like this author’s style of writing and the dark feel of the story itself.  Go here to read the whole story which is featured in an online litearary magazine called Frodo’s Notebook (the name is incidental and the magazine is not related to Lord of the Rings).

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