Over Main Street

Style.  It’s something every writer strives for but not all achieve.  To understand style, you need to look at the work of other writers.  But to find your own style, you need to not do what those other writers did.  It’s elusive.

But not for Conan Stuart, apparently.  In what he describes as his first major publication, “Over Main Street” is a story overflowing with uniqueness and style.  The story begins:

“For my girlfriend’s twenty-fourth birthday, I got her a flower. She was my wife actually, and instead of a flower I got her a cactus, and it was her nineteenth birthday.”

I was impressed with the way this story was worded – I’ve never read anything quite like it before.  If this well crafted and entertaining piece is his first major publication, I can’t wait to see what Conan Stuart puts out when he’s as a seasoned writer.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for more of his work because I’m now officially a fan.

Read the entire story of Over Main Street or visit the main page of Word Riot, the online literary magazine where this story is published.

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