Poetry in “The O.C.”

The website, Poetix, describes itself as “Southern California’s poetry and spoken word gateway.”  For an insider’s look into Orange County, California, in general (a.k.a. “The O.C.”) and the Orange County poetry scene in particular, read M.C. Bruce’s farewell to his birthplace…

“’Hot enough for you?’ I’ve been asked about six thousand seven hundred forty-two times this week. I respond, ‘No, I’d like it a little hotter so that people collapse and melt into the sidewalk. Then we’d be living in the dream of Salvador Dali.’ But they merely look at me with the expression of a dog who watched you throw the ball but can’t find it because you’ve hidden it behind your back.”

Bruce goes on to quote snippets of poems from various O.C. authors.  Check out the entire piece here or visit the Poetix main page.

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