Up and Coming Author, Tony D’Souza (Whiteman)

Here’s an author to keep your eye on:  Tony D’Souza.  His life appears to be as interesting as any colorful character’s you would find in a book. 

He lived in an African village for a few years while working for the Peace Corps, spent time in Nicaragua covering a famous murder trial, and is currently living on a Japanese island studying the local culture and language.

D’Souza’s first novel, “Whiteman,” is a fictional tale about a white man living in war-torn Africa.  One can imagine how his own experiences added to the depth and realism of the story. Here is an excerpt:

“I could not remember if this was the third coup or the fourth in the two months since I’d arrived up north, and anyway, talk of coups was a very complex thing because you had bloody coups and bloodless coups and attempted coups and aborted coups and averted coups and rumored coups and the coups that happen that nobody knows about except you go to the post office one day to mail a letter to your retired mother in Florida to say everything’s getting all blown out of proportion in the Western media and there’s a new general­ president smiling at you from the stamp like somebody who’s gotten away with something big, and also there were the couvre­feus, which is pronounced somewhat like ‘coup’ but means you can’t go out at night or you’ll be shot, which should not be confused with coups de grâce, which is how chickens were killed for dinner.”

From here, you can purchase “Whiteman” at amazon.com (which earned a rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars); read a review of “Whiteman” at the book review site called Curled Up with a Good Book; read about his forthcoming book, The Konkans, on the Critical Mass blog (a blog written by book critics); or visit D’Souza’s homepage.

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