Here–Have A Haiga

Haiga is the combination of haiku and art.  An ancient Japanese artform, it’s enjoying renewed interest and innovative expansion in the digital age.

I won’t include any quotes of the work like I do in most of my other posts because I think that would rob you of the effect.  So instead, visit these links to see and experience some haiga for yourself:

Ray’s Web is an intriguing site which features haiku from famous Japanese poets of the past combined with Ray Rasmussen’s art of today.  Rasmussen compares their words to “messages sealed into bottles and cast into the seas of their times.”

An interview with haiga artist, Gary LeBel, along with some examples of his work can be found in the article titled  Unfathomable Mysteries.  The interview is found on the site, Reeds: Contemporary Haiga, an annual online anthology of past issues of this journal of fine art haiga, which you can purchase print copies of here.

Or view more contemporary haiga online from various artists at

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