Hockey Fighting Class for Kids

A story ran today about a recent camp taught by hockey players and brothers, Derek and Aaron Boogaard, where kids are taught how to fight on the ice.  The story appeared on an online news source based in (surprise) Canada —  The story states:

“The one-day academy is more or less what its name suggests. For $40, players between the ages of 12 and 18 receive hands-on (fists-on?) instruction in the art of on-ice scrapping from two of the toughest customers in pro hockey.”

Just as interesting as the story itself are the responses from readers.  For example, “Roch” from Winnipeg writes:

“Opinions of non-fans whining about fighting are meaningless, Mr. Hockey played the game as it was meant to be played.  That’s why he’s called Mr. Hockey, not Mr. Ballerina, or Mr. Figure Skater or Mr. Wuss.”

“SB” of Toronto writes:

“That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Here’s the message – ‘Hey stupid kids, come here and learn how to take a punch and then you won’t have to work hard at becoming a better stick handler!’ What parent would rather pay some goon 40 bucks to spend time encouraging your stupid kid to get his butt kicked, when you could spend that time actually teaching them to play the game better?”

No matter which side of the issue you support, or even if you normally don’t care one way or the other when it comes to sports, this is an interesting read.  You can view the article and reader responses here.  Be sure to click through the link in the body of the article for a more detailed account of the story.

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