Edie’s Journal and Office Gossip

Since I’m running short on material to post today, I thought I’d draw your attention to my own blog.  Here is an excerpt:

“In other office gossip news, one of the managers sent an email to a client who was already unhappy with our company. In the email, she meant to write ‘sorry for the inconvenience,’ but instead wrote ‘sorry for the incontinence.’ Our system automatically checks for errors before sending messages, but since her spelling and grammar were correct (just not the actual word), she didn’t catch it, and the email was sent, apologizing for any incontinence we had caused the recipient.”

The rest of this post is about an incident yesterday where a coworker called me something that starts with a “b” and rhymes with “witch.”  You can read the full post here, or visit the blog’s main page here.

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