Good literary nonfiction is difficult to find.  I discovered this while searching through large quantities of non-relevant links and , I’m sad to say, either uninteresting stories or interesting stories told in an uninteresting way–which is pretty much the opposite of what creative nonfiction should be.  Until I found it, the needle in the haystack, the shining star, the piece by Jalondra Davis called “Daddy.”

“For as far back as I can remember, there has been something wrong.  We are not anything like the Cosbys, the Winslows.  Daddy blows bubbles on my stomach like Cliff Huxtable did on Rudy’s sometimes, but he doesn’t always come home.  He and Mommy don’t talk like that, all smoothness and playful laughter.  There is no slow, affectionate choreography on the foyer’s cool, clean hardwood floors.  There are late night trips to fetch Daddy from Uncle Greg’s dookey green house on Main and 111th, where hard-living looking men and women drink from large brown bottles and laugh too loudly in the grassless front yard.”

You can read all of “Daddy” here or visit The Truth About the Fact, International Journal of Literary Nonfiction, where “Daddy” was published, here.

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