As If Death Was Contagious

“As If Death Was Contagious” is the first published literary short story by Rachel Maizes, and wow, is it good…

“At school, I went to chemistry and English and showed up for swim practice and competed in swim meets.  But even as I moved from the classroom to the locker room to the pool, I was aware that a part of me was missing, had stayed behind in the chapel with my father’s body, or was chasing his soul as it floated upward from the grill of the bus.  I watched my friends hanging out in the halls, eating chips and flirting, knowing that what they were feeling wouldn’t last, that death would interrupt their happiness sooner or later.  I felt that god had let me in on a secret that I would just as soon never have learned.”

To read the entire story, go here.  To visit Off Course, the online literary journal in which this story appears, go here.

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