Tricky Aliens and Bisexual Penguins

I like sci-fi and horror. Realizing that, I try to present a mix of genres on this blog for my readers and not turn it into the sci-fi/horror blog for people who like to read.

So today I went searching for a good flash fiction piece to post since it has been awhile since I posted a short short story. I tried to find a story about normal people in the normal world, some shiny-happy, Oprah-book-club, inspirational type thing.

But all those stories made me gag. So instead, I bring you an excerpt from the story “Achilles’ Womb” by Lyn Cannaday as published in AlienSkin Magazine.

“An explosion blasted Bena to the damp earth, her face pressed to the bitter soil. As chunks rained down, she lay, her hands covering her neck as she rediscovered prayer. Vague promises fell from her lips as the line of bombs strayed toward the center of the colony, and Bena pushed herself up on trembling knees.”

To read the rest of this story, go here; to view the homepage of AlienSkin Magazine, go here.

Curious about this author after reading the last story, I googled her and found yet another gem she had published in the online magazine, Apollo’s Lyre. This is also not a shiny-happy story, but it does take place on earth. It’s called “Keeping the Faith.”

“‘Those penguins at the zoo got a divorce.’

‘They… what?’ Frank looked over his magazine in perfect confusion.

‘Those penguins I told you about,’ Maggie repeated, ‘the two boy penguins that everyone was talking about… one of them left his boyfriend for a girl penguin.’

‘Okay.’ Frank pulled the word out into three cynical syllables, and Maggie bit back her frustration. Marriage was ‘til death’, so starting one more argument over the fact that he couldn’t even fake a little interest… well what was the point?”

Read the whole story here, or visit the Apollo’s Lyre homepage here


  1. Wow. I’m absolutely thrilled to find this. Writing is like throwing stones out and never seeing where (or if) they land, so it’s incredibly flattering to find that someone likes my work. Thank you!

    *gets inspired to go run and write something else now*

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