Space Hotel Opening in 2012

Galactic Suite is scheduled to open its vaccum-sealed hatches to guests in 2012.  For a measly $4 million, you can enjoy a 3-night stay and 15 sunsets at this new, orbitting hotel.  From the article on Yahoo News Uk & Ireland:

“Galactic Suite began as a hobby for former aerospace engineer Claramunt, until a space enthusiast decided to make the science fiction fantasy a reality by fronting most of the $3 billion needed to build the hotel.

An American company intent on colonising Mars, which sees Galaxy Suite as a first step, has since come on board, and private investors from Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are in talks.”

You can read the entire article here

Hopefully the people at Galactic Suite have put more planning into the hotel than they put into their really crappy website.  The site features flash animation without an option to skip it, a blog which you can’t get into, and a crudely childlike font for their title.  Additionally, all the pages appear under their main website address, which means nobody can link to any of their individual pages.

Even if I had the $4 million, I don’t know if I’d trust a company to design a space hotel when they can’t even design a decent website.

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