The Kissing Booth

“The Kissing Booth” is a flash fiction story by Katie Williams which recently appeared in Vestal Review.  It begins:

“All day her lips received kisses—pecks, smacks, presses and startling suctions. Late at night, when the carnival music played slightly out of key, the kissing-booth woman brushed flecks of the booth’s red paint from her forearms, flicked the hook and brought the shutter down. The booth would open again the next morning. She never missed. Even when she was sick, she’d be there, leaning forward on the counter, her nose rubbed pink from tissues and her lips chapped and peeling under her lipgloss. Kisses were at a discount on those days, two dollars instead of three.”

To continue reading the story, go here.  Vestal Review is a magazine dedicated specifically to flash fiction.  To see the very beautiful front page for the issue in which this story appears, go here.

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