So You Know You Can’t Dance

Given the popularity of the show “So You Think You Can Dance” and my complete obsession with it, I thought I’d google “dance” and see what came up.  That’s how I found this little gem of an article “How To: Pretend You Can Dance” on the website for guys,  From the article:

“Your date is pulling you onto the dance floor, but you’re still traumatized from the incident at your prom, after the spotlight was on you because you had just won ‘The Biggest Spaz on the Dance Floor’ Award.  Well, not this time.”

If you’ve also won a spaz award or two for your desperate attempts at dancing, this could be the article that saves you from future humiliation.  (Or ladies, if this applies to your boyfriend, pass it on.) 

Although I have to say I don’t agree with everything in the article (definitely don’t snap your fingers), it could prove to be quite helpful for that special spaz in your life.  I do agree with all the “don’ts,” though, such as don’t scream “Woooo!” while moving — excellent advice.

Read the entire article, or visit the homepage which features tons of great articles, such as Conversation Lessons & More which offers tips for dating more than one woman, dealing with other men’s catcalls, and conversing in an interesting way.  The site isn’t all dating related, either.  It covers the gamut, including health & sports, power & money, and more.  The subjects “Cars” and “Poker” have their very own sections.

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