Spook Country

Spook Country” is the latest book by cyberpunk author William Gibson. The L.A. Times had this to say about it:

“…‘Spook Country,’…features high-tech artists, international criminals and an ex-rock star writing for a magazine so ahead of its time that it doesn’t exist. The novel races in several paranoid directions before converging like a high-tech thriller. But it’s a thriller so packed with characters and ideas — including meditations on drugs, religion and a ‘private Internet,’ invisible to outsiders — that even Gibson isn’t quite sure what it’s about. ‘Really,’ he said in his fluted drawl. ‘I don’t know.’”

Go here to read the entire article.

Surprisingly, a webpage with book signing dates has not been published by Gibson’s publisher, Viking/Penguin (or his publicist, or web designer, or anyone), at least not anywhere that was easily locatable.

I was able to find a few independently posted book signing dates for the following:  Massachusetts, August 20, and London, August 28, although there are probably (hopefully) more scheduled.

Check out VanMojo’s blog entry about attending a book signing for “Spook Country” where he talks about the book, possible movie deals for preceding books, and gives his impression of the author:

“My personal impression was of a guy who after all these years still isn’t entirely comfortable with the whole book touring/marketing paradigm (as evidenced by the Mr. Who from the publishing company who seemed to be there to keep the serious fan boys/girls at bay, while simultaneously keeping Mr. Gibson from escaping), and gets pretty physically tired of this process quickly, but likes friendly audiences.”

From here you can also read about William Gibson’s virtual book reading in Second Life, peruse a somewhat humorous post about the author going into Second Life anonymously and getting mocked for his ugly avatar, or go to Gibson’s official homepage.

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