Four Random Things

Random Thing #1:  I am now obsessed with 3:AM Magazine.  Not obsessed as in I’m stalking the editors or anything, but rather obsessed as in my life’s goal now is to have one of my poems published there.  Their poetry is so freakin’ cool.  It’s rare that I go to a site or read a magazine where I like 99% of the poems being published, but that is exactly the case with 3:AM.  I’ve submitted a couple of pieces and am now in the agonizing process of waiting for a reply and wondering if my poems were received/lost/used as bird cage liner, etc.

Random Thing #2: The more I think about the whole Galactic Suite Hotel thing (see previous post), the more I think it must be a hoax.  The story ran in several major news sources, but all of them ran the same exact story which looked like it might have been a press release.  I assumed serious news sources would check the facts before running a story, but perhaps I assumed too much.  Apparently, our friends over at boingboing are thinking the same thing (or at least their readers are)., my favorite hoax spotter, has not posted anything on it so far, one way or the other. 

Random Thing #3:  I’m reading Keith Donohue’s The Stolen Child, and it’s making me lonely.  The story is told from the point of view of two narrators (a hobgoblin who took the place of a stolen child and the stolen child who took the place of the hobgoblin) who are both observers in worlds that are strange to them.  Much of the story takes place in their heads, with much less dialogue than in most novels.  Having never read Donohue before, I’m not familiar with his writing style, but I’m assuming this was a purposeful technique to relay the voices and emotions of the main characters.  His writing style is quite beautiful (but still it makes me lonely).

Random Thing #4:  I’m alternately thrilled and annoyed with the traffic this fairly new blog is receiving.  The number of visitors fluctuates wildly, from high to low, and my mood with it.  I love sharing things with readers, but I can’t help but think I would get a lot more traffic if I posted celebrity gossip or some such thing (ugh).  I hope this blog finds its audience and that people stumble across it and decide to keep coming back.  Sharing great poems, stories, and the occasional random thing is the chemical-free way to expand the mind and have a loverly time.

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  1. You might want to check the latest MSNBC article on this…

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