Finally, Science Geeks Will “Get” Poetry

Ever wonder why nobody ever tried to combine the art of poetry with the science of the periodic table of elements?  Yeah, me neither.

In the poem “6 Carbon,” Nathan Long delivers a surprisingly cool and funny poem, full of double meaning, addressed to the element of carbon but told as if it were written to a lover…

“…My friends
tell me I depend on you too much,
that when you’re around, you mess up

the whole atmosphere. They say you’re
the hardest one to get along with, and
that you’ve been with everyone on the planet.”

Read the entire poem here or view more poetry for other elements here at the site.


  1. nice. love the double meanings. tell me there are more of these for each element on the table?

  2. Hi, Jak. Yes, just click on that last link to see more poems for the elements. Although I looked through a few of them and didn’t see any of the same quality as the one I quoted. If you go look around and find a good one, maybe you could let us know and post the link here.

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