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Did you know that the BBC hosts an online magazine called Cult Vamp?  Well, it does.  Or at least it did.  They’ve stopped maintaining it, but you can still find lots of cool/scary/weird fiction, art, and video clips.

And speaking of cool/scary/weird fiction, the short story “This Is Now” by award-winning novelist, Michael Marshall Smith, is, I think, destined to be a classic.  Superbly well written with custom drawings to go with each page, the story starts:

“‘Okay,’ Henry said. ‘So now we’re here.

‘He was using his ‘So entertain me’ voice, and he was cold but trying not to show it. Pete and I were cold too. We were trying not to show it either. Being cold is not manly. You look at your condensing breath as if it’s a surprise to you, what with it being so balmy and all. Even when you’ve known each other for over thirty years, you do these things. Why? I don’t know.” 

The author had this to say about the vampire genre:

“I’ve written a few vampire stories before – if you work in the horror genre, you sort of have to – but they’ve always ended up quite oblique.

I personally think that the longevity and attraction of the vampire myth comes down not to the biting and the blood and the swishy capes, but rather to the stories’ underlying messages about what we feel about death, and also about our lives.” 

Read the entire story here or visit the main page of Cult Vamp here.

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  1. […] this guy didn’t show up on my radar sooner, but if his short story “This Is Now” (which I previously blogged about) and his ever expanding following of devoted fans is any indication of his talent, then I predict I […]

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