Brett Hursey 1, Dead White Poet

Modern-day poets have been jipped, ripped off, and robbed of the status that should be theirs because people hear the word “poetry” and immediately cease listening or stop reading.  Had these poets lived in the 1800’s, they may have been celebrities, such as Lord Byron, who was seen as the scandalous, womanizing, bad boy of his time.

I’m not saying poets should immediately run out and start womanizing or acting scandalous (especially since you likely won’t get any publicity out of it anyway), but a little attention from the general public would be nice.

With that in mind, I am declaring this “Brett Hursey Week.”  Brett Hursey is the poet and bad boy of East Carolina University*.  Okay, he’s actually an English Professor there according to this profile at Writers Net, but you never know, he could be a bad boy.  I’ve heard all sorts of stories about how wild teachers can get after that last bell rings.

Anyway, I’m making it my personal mission to get him a little more well-deserved publicity.

One of Hursey’s 3 poetry collections is called “Dead White Poet” even though he is still very much alive.  Here is an excerpt from the poem “Aquaman”:

“her insidious, other-worldly

slowly saps away my super-
manly powers

until I’m as useless
as Aquaman–

the Superfriend I always laughed
at on Saturday morning–

whose super powers
were only superfluous–
like breathing underwater
and talking to fish.”

Read the entire poem here, or find out more about the book here.  Look for more posts about Hursey during the upcoming week.

*Edit:  I’ve been in touch with Brett Hursey who informs me that he is now teaching at Longwood University.

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