East of Mina

East of Mina appears to be the blog of two friends:  Becky and Caitlin.  Becky, a deep thinker and the more prolific blogger of the two, relates this internal dialogue after accidentally running into a bolt sticking out of a metal post:

“Wow.  This is quite a gash.”
“It’s sort of like your life right now.  You know, the consqenences of foolish steps hurting you at every turn…”
“Yeah– it’s also a gash that is bleeding.”
“You short-sighted little girl, look at this as a opportunity to know your self.  This wound is a metaphor by which you can understand the inticricies of  your soul.”
“No.  Actually, I think it is just a nasty scrape.”

The posts on this blog are funny, deep, and well written.  To read the post from which the above quote was taken, go here; to view the main page of the blog, go here.

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