Brett Hursey 2, Scrambled

This post continues “Brett Hursey Week.”  Brett emailed me to say “it’s nice knowing someone is saying something other than ‘My eyes!  My eyes won’t stop bleeding!’ about the work.”  He has also been kind enough to send me the electronic manuscripts to 2 of his poetry books which I will be quoting and pimping in future posts.

In addition to being a unique and insightful voice in the world of poetry, Hursey is also a playwright.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Indianaplis, check out his play, Scrambled, which runs through September 2, 2007, at the Indianapolis Theater Fringe Festival.

Scrambled is part of a collection of short plays being showcased under the name “Open 24 Hours.”  The indyfringe website describes Scrambled like so:

“Domestic tranquility is shattered when Chloe discovers her husband of only two and a half months just bought a ‘feminine protection’ product for another woman. Even though Max just sees it as an innocent box of tampons, he soon discovers his life just got ‘scrambled.'”

Find out more here or purchase tickets here.

This play will also run in New South Wales, Australia, at the Blacktown City Community Theatre in October 2007.


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