Red Diaper Dharma

Literary Mama is “a literary magazine for the maternally inclined,” and Red Diaper Dharma is Ericka Lutz’s monthly column in that magazine.  Her August article is titled “Summer Clearance”:

“Eleven contractor-sized bags of clothing and shoes — men’s, women’s, girls. I list it all on Freecycle, and make dates with strangers who come over and haul it away. Everything we clear gives me room to breathe. So many things I thought I needed are no longer required. I feel myself lighten.

I feel myself darken. My grandmother appears in my dreams as a vampire. The night my Aunt Lee dies, she visits me — an enraged, enormous iridescent midnight-blue hummingbird with sharp beak and claws. I sit bolt upright, shaking.”

You can read the entire article here, or view the main page of Literary Mama here.  In addition, you can view a list of links to previous articles on Ericka Lutz’s own website here, or visit her homepage here

Lutz is also the author of non-fiction books, On The Go With Baby and the Idiot’s Guides to StepparentingA Well-Behaved ChildFriendship for Teens, and Looking Great for Teens.  She publishes short stories, as well, some of which are viewable online.

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