The Napkin Fiction Project

“The Rise and Fall of Circumcision” by N.D. Wilson is one of about 100 flash fiction stories resulting from Esquire Magazine’s Napkin Fiction Project.  Esquire describes the project as so:

“We put 250 napkins in the mail to writers from all over the country — some with a half dozen books to their name, others just finishing their first. In return, we got nearly a hundred stories.”

I read 3 of the stories, but plan on going back to read more as all 3 were very good.  My favorite was N.D. Wilson’s “The Rise and Fall of Circumcision.”  Here is an excerpt:

“Suddenly, the man turns to me. I’ve been acting invisible, pretending to be elsewhere. I can’t help but look at him now.

‘I’m Jewish,’ he says. My eyes drift to his ringlets.

‘Right,’ I say. ‘So am I.’ I’m not. Not more than one-sixteenth. My wife is.

‘Jewish religiously,’ he explains. ‘Not by blood. Don’t know what I am by blood. Plain white I guess. All my dad’s family converted two years ago.’

‘Huh,’ I say. I want to say less.”

Read the entire story here or visit the main page of The Napkin Fiction Project here.

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