Science Tattoos

Carl Zimmer, science writer and blogger, has a thread going about science-inspired tattoos over at his blog, The Loom.  It all started when he noticed a friend’s tattoo of a DNA strand, which he at first thought was a generic rendering of DNA, but turned out to be a representation of the tattooed man’s wife’s initials.  Awww.  As Zimmer puts it, “Geek love in its noblest form.”

Having come across science tattoos more than once, he wondered if it was just his few scientist friends who had them or if he had stumbled onto a phenomenon, so he put out a request for photos.  So far, he has amassed a collection of about 40 pictures, including an incredibly life-like rendering of Albert Einstein, the periodic table of elements, and an evolutionary biologist’s artistic interpretation of sperm.

You can view the blog post that started it all here or see the full collection of photos here (be sure to click on each photo to get a larger picture and read the story behind the tattoo).

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