Bram Stoker Award Winner to Guest-Blog at A Bunch of Wordz

Horror writer, Michael A. Arnzen, was born, appropriately enough, in Amityville, New York.  He won the Bram Stoker Award in 2005 (and 2003 and 1994), as well as awards from the International Horror Critics Guild and the Genre Writers Association.

I’m very pleased to announce that he will be guest-blogging here at A Bunch of Wordz for a week, starting tomorrow.  (I’ll still be around, too, posting as usual.)

I’m lucky to have snagged him from his busy schedule, so please consider taking a minute to comment on a post or two and make him feel welcome.  (It can be rather daunting to send your posts out into the vast nothingness of blogdom, not knowing how people are reacting to them.)

You can view his website at where you’ll find information on his latest novel (Play Dead), horror short story and poetry collection (Proverbs for Monsters), and CD (Audiovile), as well as lots of free stuff to read (trust me — you could spend all day there).

Welcome, Michael!

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