Muttering Lydia: Crazy Girl Talks Crazy Stuff

Poets write the loveliest blogs.  Found one today called “Muttering Lydia.”  Here is an excerpt from one of her poems:

“Heard your name today.
Came from nowhere like a
sharpened pencil,
red and shiny,
coring through my gut.
The corer, she didn’t know.
Didn’t mean to startle.
She launched it
on an outward breath”

And here is an excerpt from a regular post about her failed attempt at cooking:

“Good Lord. I’ve just spent 5 hours of my life (including soaking time, I guess) attempting to make lentil burgers from scratch. Damien attempted to stop me. His line of reasoning (that I couldn’t cook) was of course utterly wasted.”

The picture in her blog header is one of her own paintings, and she has a very entertaining About Me section (in which she describes her hair as “Red Spice” with a touch of scissorhands).  If you like reading blogs, this one is well worth the visit.


  1. thanks for the post. checked out both of these and enjoyed them. nice blog you have here.

  2. Wow. Thanks alot for this. I feel very special indeed:)


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