Suburban Hottentot

Issue 6 of “The Big Ugly Review” features Laura Fraser’s nonfiction story, “Suburban Hottentot.”  Following is an excerpt.

“My condition was so unusual that when my dad hosted a medical meeting at our house, he hoped to get the collective opinion there of his daughter’s strange malady.

To my horror, this meant parading around stark naked in front of a bunch of middle-aged men in the living room. I had to walk around touching my toes, so the doctors could better examine my spine, and I was glad to hide my face, not to mention my private parts. They puffed on their pipes and murmured among themselves about how odd the bend in my back was and what it might mean. I felt like a freak on display.”

Read the entire piece here, or visit the main page of “The Big Ugly Review,” which showcases writing, photography, music, and film, here.

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