Dilbert Blogs

Okay, so I found the coolest thing.  Dilbert has a blog!  Well, not Dilbert, actually, but Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, which is even cooler, seeing as how he’s a real person and all.  It’s a personal journal where he blogs about everything from his views on stories in the media to his recent vacation with his wife.  And he does it all with his Dilbertish sense of humor.

In a post titled Study Hints that Brains are Involved in Thinking, he states:

“This ground-breaking study shows that the brain is somehow involved in decision-making. At the risk of sounding braggy, I already knew that…How much researching does it take to discover ‘duh’?”

In an entry called The Odds of Being Shat Upon, he calculates the mathematical odds of his phenomenally bad luck involving what may or may not have been a pidgeon and hypothesizes as to what it actually was that dropped a load on his head:

“I didn’t see what kind of bird it was, but judging from the result, it was probably an ostrich. I’m also not ruling out pterodactyl, flying cow, or UFO full of aliens with dysentery. My point is that any volume of crap seems large when it’s on your head.”

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