Michael A. Arnzen — Thanks and Index

I just want to say thanks again to Michael A. Arnzen for being the best guest blogger I’ve ever had.  Okay, okay, so he is also the only guest blogger I’ve ever had, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that his posts were awesome.

They were also deserving of much more eloquent praise than, “Dude, that was awesome,” but it’s very late, and I’m trying to get this post up before I pass out, so I apologize and realize the irony of offering praise that sounds semi-literate on a largely literary blog.

I would also like to point out that I caught Michael at what is most likely the busiest time of the year for him, and, not only did he agree to come and write for this blog, but he often did so on top of a hectic schedule when he himself probably should have been in bed sleeping instead of writing blog posts.  So, thank you, Michael, for your devotion to your craft and your fans, both old and new, and for taking the time to share your knowlege and unique insights with us.

In case you missed any of his posts or if you are just stumbling across this blog for the first time and want to read them, I will end this post with a handy index of all articles written by Michael Arnzen for A Bunch of Wordz:


  1. My pleasure! You run a great site.

  2. […] horror author, Michael Arnzen’s, blog.  (You might remember Michael from his previous stint guest-blogging here at A Bunch of Wordz.)  Arnzen is featuring a Pithy Morbid Thought Contest on The Haunt, which […]

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