Haiku Smackdown

You may have seen fights with kung fu before, but have you ever seen someone fight with haiku?  It’s very entertaining. 

Andee Land, a personal homepage, includes a section described on the site itself as a “page o’ strange haiku.”  Anyone can submit a haiku for publication on the site.  It appears that, at first, the process was automatic with every poem appearing once it was submitted.  Apparently, there were some problems, and the moderator (Andee) had to step in with this post:

“okay, that’s enough
haiku will now be subject
to my approval”

Jamie W. did not like this, and posted the following with the tag Repression and Opression NO MORE:

“Expect a new domain:
Twisted and Nasty Haiku
ALL posters welcome”

The moderator responded, under the name of nananana, nananana, hey hey-ey, goodbye, wth the following:

“Like cheese with that whine?
By all means start your own site
You will not be missed”

Excellent.  Here is another post from a disgruntled user, posting under the name help help, I’m being repressed:

“Haiku not posted
Oppression by the mod is
hindering the art.”

And another from the moderator:

“annoying the mod
doesn’t unreject your post.
Signed, The Management”

This isn’t exactly what I was looking for when I typed “haiku” into the search box.  It’s better.

In addition to the strange haiku page, you can also visit Andee’s main page, with links to an online diary, rants, photos, and even a section dedicated to junkmail.


  1. full moon
    freshly-baked cookies lay
    with two teacups

  2. glad to see this entry is still here. Just wanted to give you a heads up, the Strange Haiku have moved and are now located at http://www.bottledgoose.net/posthaiku.php


    • Hi Andee! Glad your site is still going strong. I have updated the link in the post.

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