Stem Cells are the New Silicon

Good news for women who have had to have their breasts removed due to cancer and women looking to enhance themselves for cosmetic reasons:

“Cytori Therapeutics, a Californian biotech company, has used stem cell technology to develop a more natural breast growth procedure and although it is still too early to determine their long term effectiveness, it’s possible that by avoiding the problems associated with current implants, the new approach could be a safer, healthier alternative…

The process involves fat being taken using a minor liposuction procedure under local anesthetic from a patient’s buttocks or belly. The useful stem cells are separated out and an hour later, a dose of stem and regenerative cells is packaged into a cartridge ready for re-injection, without any culture or manipulation. The breasts then enlarge over about six months…

The process was approved recently in Germany, which means that it is legal across the EU. But clinicians will have to wait until clinical trials end in early 2008 before they can recommend the procedure to their patients.”

I only learned recently that breast implants aren’t permanent — you have to get them changed out every once in awhile.  Imagine being a woman who has to have a mastectomy and making the less than desirable choice of losing that part of your body forever or committing to a series of operations for the rest of your life.  Hopefully, women will soon have a better option available to them.

Read the entire article here.


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