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I have no clue in the world what Silt Poem by Stickpaste is about, and yet on some perhaps subconscious level, I feel a connection to it.  The poem begins:

“every time a ghost is born
i get a certain feeling
like i’m falling in a canyon
and i should abandon any hope”

Read the entire poem at the Wordplay Poetry Blog.  On the same blog, check out Ken Peters’ I Like the Middle of the Night.  Here is a portion:

“night pools and eddies
at my feet
the lack of want
cool and refreshing”

The Wordplay Poetry Blog is part of Art Villa, an “international village of poets, artists, musicians, songwriters and engineers” which accepts submissions of poetry, art, and cats.  (Yes, cats — that is not a type-o; although I’m assuming they mean pictures of cats and not the cats themselves.)

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Check out my blog if you feel subconciously compelled.


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