Survivor: Baltimore

Survivor China starts tonight, and I’m making this a Survivor-themed day here at A Bunch of Wordz.

Andrew Gifford has written a witty and satirical piece about pitching an idea to CBS for the reality television show, Survivor Baltimore:

“Survivor: Baltimore was simple. Twelve Americans and one Frenchman would be split into two groups and forced to survive on the streets of Baltimore. The social dynamics of young urban people could be displayed in a typical East Coast city. With the Frenchman, we create an international flare that could easily sell the show to all of our little friends in Europe.

Group one, called the ‘Benicio del Italico’ tribe, would operate out of a burnt-out warehouse in Fells Point. The second group, known as the ‘Gough Street Regulars,’ would operate out of a dumpster behind the Blockbuster in Canton.”

Read the entire “proposal” at 3:AM Magazine.


  1. It’s “flair”, not “flare”. I am so tired of constantly seeing everybody make this mistake.

  2. Umm, I do believe that one of the definitions of “flare” is:

    n. – In Television: a dark area on a picture tube caused by variations in light intensity.

    Obviously Frenchies are darker than us Americans due to their propensity for wine, cigarettes and berets; thus, this must be the “flare” the author is referring to.

    Lighten up, grammar Nazi.

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