Reading Advice to Ladies in 1869, Part 2

This is a continuation of the advice regarding reading which appeared in the book from the late 1800s, What Now? For Young Ladies.  Apparently, women from this era were advised not only on what to read, but how to read it…

Read slowly.  If physical dyspepsia is caused as much by rapid eating as by a multifarious diet, so may an intellectual dyspepsia be superinduced by bolting your mental food.  The books you read are the pabulum of your mind.  You eat to live, not live to eat; so you must read to live, not live to read….

Read for use, and use what you read.  There is such a thing as intellectual wine.  You may perpetually be stimulating your mind with intoxicating reading.  The reaction must be mental depression, and the longer the stimulus be kept on, and the longer the return to a natural healthful state be postponed, the deeper will be the depression and the more weakened will be the intellect when it wakes up from this unhealthful dreaming.  There are those who are thus driven again and again to the stimulant until a mental delirium tremens sets in on them, or they are reduced to a drivelling idiocy.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that although his work appears here, the author would not have liked A Bunch of Wordz at all.  Until next time, my fellow drivelling idiots, happy reading!

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