Hypnosis and Phobia — A True Story

Mom Writers Literary Magazine features writing by mothers about motherhood.  Hypnosis Triumph by Diana M. Raab is the true story of a daughter’s medical phobia and the attempts to cure it through hypnosis.  Following is an excerpt:

“While standing in line to pay, Anna whispered, ‘Mom, I feel faint.’ She was not a huge fan of breakfast, so I suspected she was hungry. I pulled out a candy from my purse. While handing it to her, I noticed the color had completely vanished from her face. All of a sudden, her knees gave out, and she slid down onto the industrial-carpeted floor. My nursing instinct told me to cup my hand behind her head for protection. In the process, I lost the balance off my platform shoes, and my body flung directly on top of hers.”

Diana Raab writes a column at Inkbyte.com and has published several books, including Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal.  You can also read a book review for Regina’s Closet at BookReview.com.

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