There Can Only Be One

The sister site to this one, the A Bunch of Wordz 2 Literary Blogazine, has died.  Or rather, I killed it.  It just wasn’t taking off, while this site has been.  I’m also in talks with b5media to do a blog for their Beauty & Style channel (yay!), so it just made sense to put my time into the areas where it will be the most useful.  (If you’ve been following my posts for awhile now, you know I’ve been trying very hard to get on the b5media team.)

In case you haven’t visited or didn’t know about the second site, here are the original works that were posted:

  • Six Kinds of Fool (Poem) — I actually did a write up previously about the author, M.C. Bruce.  A very talented guy, formerly from my neck of the woods (“the O.C.”).
  • Sand (Flash Fiction) — Pavelle Wesser delivers a scorching piece of fiction.
  • Cinderella’s Diary Page 44 (Poem) — LOVED this poem in which Kimberly D. Robinson brings a new twist to the Cinderella story.
  • Every House is a World (Flash Fiction) — a quiet and satisfying, slice-of-life type piece by Christopher Woods.

Take a few minutes to browse through these great, original works.

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