Deep Thoughts and How to Pretend Like You Have Them

On his blog, Pointless Wanderings, Aditya Kulkarni (a.k.a. PK) gives advice on How to be a (Fake) Philosopher.  P.K. advises:

“Philosophy is mostly using bad metaphors to explain something you don’t understand in the first place. Learn this well, it will come in handy.”

P.K. shares 4 basic rules for becoming a great (fake) philosopher:

  • Use simple words, but complex constructs.
  • Use oxymoronic opposites.
  • Say, “I’ll give you an example,” then don’t give the example.
  • Use random metaphors.

Go to P.K.’s site for a more detailed (and funny) explanation.  Also check out his post about how, as a kid, he believed WWF wrestler, The UnderTaker, was going to literally bring about the end of the world.

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