Archaeologist’s Poem

After Three Hours of Screening Dirt at Heshotauthla is the name of Ann Walters’ poem, found at the Ballard Street Poetry Journal.  It begins:

“From her open palm sweat rises,
and oil, dust, a thousand exhalations
of the nerves…”

Read the rest of this short poem by Walters, a former physical anthropologist and archaeologist, or visit the Ballard Street Poetry Journal homepage.



  1. […] Edit:  I didn’t realize it at the time I originally posted this (for some reason, her name didn’t register — senior moment), but I have also featured a poem of Ann Walters’ previously on this blog here. […]

  2. […] can view my previous write-up about the nominated piece here (a poem called After Three Hours of Screening Dirt at Heshotauthla), visit her blog, called Field […]

  3. […] and Archaeologist’s Poem. […]

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