The Carousel

So I decided to create a new category on here for me, featuring poems and stuff I’ve published.  It’s been a looong time since I was seriously submitting things for publication, and I just started getting the bug to do it again.  I had 3 poems published in Prairie Winds under “E.W. Montgomery-Pool” in the Spring of 1996.  Here is one of them — I’ll post the rest later.

The Carousel
by Edie Montgomery-Pool

My whole world was the carousel,
With blinking lights and music blaring,
Spinning in mad, wild circles,
Rushing from one horse to the next,
Being careful not to fall,
For there was nothing past the edge.

This pony had a shiny saddle,
This one cascading flames along its flank,
That one eyes like sapphires.
Each called to me seductively;
I wanted to ride them all.
So I ran from one to the next,
Always careful not to fall,
For there was nothing past the edge.

The carousel spun faster with time,
Or perhaps I moved more slowly,
Until, at last, I slumped
On the carved oak bench,
Being whisked ’round and ’round,
Lights blinking, music blaring,
Fingers gripping tightly the smooth polished wood.
Ever careful not to fall,
For there was nothing past the edge.

I watched the ponies spin and jump,
Longing to possess them still,
Until dizziness overtook me,
And my grasp slipped
As my foot tripped,
And I fell from my beautiful carousel.

Shocked and dismayed,
I stood and turned to look,
Amazed to see the carousel
But a spec in the distance.
For what I thought was nothing
Was everything,
And what I thought was everything
Was but a small distraction.

So I seem to have lost most of my publications as well as my binder with a record of my publications — nice, huh?  I’ll have to do some tearing apart of the house.


I grant permission for this poem to be reprinted in full or in part electronically, provided the following conditions are met:   1) the author’s name is listed; 2) the site on which the poem is published is not a vanity publisher or a scam poetry contest which requires its “winners” to make a purchase or pay a fee before being published.  I grant permission for this poem to be reprinted non-electronically (as in, paper) provided the previous two conditions are met, as well as 3) the publication is for either a charitable or non-profit event or organization and 4) no fee is charged for the publication in which the poem appears.  A comment notifying me you have used this poem is appreciated but not required.

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