Friday at the Nobody Inn

For “F” in the alphabetical list of 2007 novels I’m featuring, I’ve chosen the humorous book, Friday at the Nobody Inn, by Mark Hayhurst.  Ever heard of it?  Nope?  Don’t feel bad — neither has anyone else. 

There is absolutely no buzz about this book whatsoever…not even bad reviews.  It sounds like a cool book, so I have to wonder if this is due to the book itself or to a total, utter, and complete lack of promotion.  A visit to the publisher’s website (Paperbooks Ltd.) reveals that it’s a small company with distributors in the UK only and about 7 books in their catalogue so far.  A visit to their events page reveals…nothing.  Nothing going on online, nothing going on offline.  So I thought I’d give the book a little boost and feature it here.  If you’ve read it (and you might be the very first person alive on the planet ever to do so), leave a comment and tell us what you think of it.

According to Wikipedia, the novel began as a comedy sketch, which grew into a script, which was turned into a novel.  Here is the premise:

“The novel centers on a local pub, the Nobody Inn, and follows an eccentric cast of characters who frequent the pub over six consecutive Fridays. There’s a struggling band whose members deal drugs, participate in group sex and armed robbery. There’s an obsessive compulsive landlord with a mentally ill wife. A person with Tourette syndrome attempts success with the ladies and local pack factory workers have trouble with the law and with cross-dressing.”

I did manage to find this incredibly badly produced promotional video for it on youtube.


  1. Hi, thanks for featuring my book. We’re still toying with what to do in terms of promotion and want to make sure we target it correctly so it’s all a bit low key at the moment.

    The original script is currently receiving interest from various parties as both a film adaptation and a series so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks again.

    Mark Hayhurst

  2. Hi, Mark. I’m glad you found my site, and thanks for the update. Feel free to come back and write up any book signings or other events as a comment to this post once things get rolling.

  3. Hi – thanks for the comments about the Friday at the Nobody Inn – glad you have found it! We are an independent publisher and very much alive and kicking but do tend to operate quite differently to the biggies in terms of advertising – so watch this space for more info on the book!

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