Two Random Moments

Lyn Cannaday’s work has been featured on this blog before.  She’s a talented writer, and I’d like to do my part to help her get exposure.  She recently had a poem published at poeticdiversity called Two Random Moments.  Here’s an excerpt:

“My heart tripped on the history of tuffets and cheap horror films
Where cameras magnify tiny bodies.
Then I paused and saw the petite, dark body
delicately balanced at the center of those questing legs
like a dancer flowing gracefully across the stage of my sweaty arm”

Visit the above link to read the entire piece.



  1. Wow!!! Thank you. Just getting my toe in the water like I am, posts like this are just so incredibly exciting!!

    I actually have three new microfiction pieces out at Pen Pricks.

  2. […] publication came to my attention because Lyn Cannaday (previously featured here in blog posts Two Random Moments and Tricky Aliens and Bisexual Penguins) had her first story published in Issue 4.  (First as in […]

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