Woman Busted by Court for Using Fake Doctor’s Note She Bought Online

A New Jersey woman who really didn’t want to pay her traffic ticket bought a fake doctor’s note online for $25 to try to convince the court she was disabled.  The Sun Journal reports:

“Weems sent the court a doctor’s note to support her case, a township official said. The problem was, the note was not written by the chiropractor whose name was on the letterhead. It was instead courtesy of myexcusedabsence.com, an Internet site advertising “absence notes for every occasion.”…

For the $24.95 charged by myexcusedabsence.com, the site brags that it can offer doctor, dentist, funeral or emergency room notes for missing school, work and jury duty or a combination thereof.

The Web site suggests using a fake doctor’s note to duck jury duty and a fake jury-duty note to duck work. Dozens of Web sites offer variations on the fake absence note, ranging in price from $3 to $25.”

The woman originally only faced a $190 fine but now may do jail timeRead the entire article here.  Interestingly, myexcusedabsence.com does not appear to be functioning right now.


Edit:  They seem to be back up and running just fine now.  A visit to their homepage displays the message “If you are interested in a Doctor’s note without the hassle of getting an appointment … then this is going to be the most exciting message you have ever read.”  However, I don’t think I’d be dumb enough to 1) pay $25 for a fake document from what is becoming the most highly publicized fake document company on the internet or 2) pay $25 for a fake document I could buy on a number of other sites for as low as $3.

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