Puppet Poetry?

Puppet State Theatre Company is a popular puppet show company based in Edinburgh which tours the U.K. and has played to sold-out crowds at the National Theatre in London.  They also have poetry on their website.  Why does a puppet company have poetry on their website?  I have no idea other than perhaps it’s some sort of law that if you’re Scottish, you must write poetry.  That and it looks like all the poems are written by the theatre company’s artistic director, Richard Medrington (who, I’m guessing, is also the guy in charge of the website).

Whatever the reason, I was happy to have found this highly imaginative collection of poetry.  Here is an excerpt from a poem called Bully Cat:

“Bully Cat
is very fat
and smelly

his body
is mostly
his belly”

The poem goes on like that — it made me laugh.  Also check out the poem called The Day I Died, which begins:

“On the day I finally died there was
a lot of confusion. People kept bringing me things
they thought I might need for the journey.
Most of them turned out to be quite unnecessary:

a warm cardy in case it was winter when I reached
the other side, magazines to read on the way,
travel guides, a thermos of minestrone…
But the trip took no time at all”

You can also visit the main poetry page of this site to view books for sale.

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