Potentially Violent Coworkers

A subject that has suddenly become of great interest to me due to my recent encounter with an aggressive and volatile coworker is violence in the workplace.  In their article, How to Deal with a Potentially Violent Coworker, WorkMash states that:

“…according to government statistics, homicide is the second leading cause of death at work.”

The New York Times reports that confrontations between employees have been on the rise over the last 10 years.

If you’re concerned that you may be working with someone who may become violent, here are 8 signs that could indicate a tendency toward violence from SixWise.com’s article, How to Detect Potentially Violent People in the Workplace:

  • Actor behaviors: Acting out on anger; actions as yelling, shouting, slamming doors, etc.
  • Fragmentor behaviors: Not taking responsibility for their actions, blaming others for their mistakes, unable to see consequences for their actions.
  • Me-First behaviors: Taking breaks during crunch-time when everyone else is working, putting their wants ahead of everything else, regardless of negative outcomes.
  • Mixed-Messenger behaviors: Saying they are part of the company team, but not acting like it.
  • Wooden-Stick behaviors: Unwilling to try new technology, withholds information, wants to be in charge, is rigid and controlling
  • Escape-Artist behaviors: Lying to relieve stress, practicing addictive behaviors like taking drugs and gambling.
  • Shocker behaviors: Acting out of character or too intensely for the occasion, not showing up for work when previously they were reliable.
  • Stranger behaviors: Fixating on an idea or person, becoming isolated, social skills become poor.

This article goes on to list additional warning signs as well as what to do about it if you suspect a fellow employee is potentially violent.

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