Urban Haiku

I found these cool haikus on a page called Haiku for People.  The first one is by Michael R. Collings:

“Silence–a strangled
Telephone has forgotten
That it should ring”

That last line doesn’t have 5 syllables, and I’m usually a stickler for that, but I still like it.  This one is by Dave McCroskey:

“the morning paper
harbinger of good and ill
– – I step over it”

Go to the website for more haiku.


  1. I really like haiku poems. Ever read any from Japanese poets?

  2. Hi. I rarely read the traditional stuff as my favorite type is the humorous or cutesy haiku.

  3. I am pleased to see my “Silence” haiku posted on your website. I’m glad you found it interesting and worthwhile.
    Michael Collings

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