Hate Poems

You’ve heard of love poems, but what about hate poems?  Famouspoetsandpoems.com has a section devoted entirely to hate poems.  Here’s one by Robert William Service; it’s called Hate:

“I had a bitter enemy,
His heart to hate he gave,
And when I died he swore that he
Would dance upon my grave;
That he would leap and laugh because
A livid corpse was I,
And that’s the reason why I was
In no great haste to die.

And then – such is the quirk of fate,
One day with joy I read,
Despite his vitalizing hate
My enemy was dead.
Maybe the poison in his heart
Had helped to haste his doom:
He was not spared till I depart
To spit upon my tomb.

The other day I chanced to go
To where he lies alone.
‘Tis easy to forgive a foe
When he is dead and gone. . . .
Poor devil! Now his day is done,
(Though bright it was and brave,)
Yet I am happy there is none
To dance upon my grave.”


  1. I am looking for a poem about people of different races and ages who are in a cave freezing and each one refuses to give up his stick of firewood because of prejudices so they all end up freezing to death. Can you help?

  2. wow…such a nice poem..i am a big fan of poems..thanks for sharing these and i hope to see more poems on your site soon..Bye:)

  3. Wow, that’s great. I love it so much.

  4. this is off the hook

  5. […] it’s also a strong internet traffic generator.  Given the popularity of my previous post, Hate Poems, I decided to write another post about hate, an apparently popular subject.  My search for hatred […]

  6. that is so cool… thx 4 sharing… i hope you write more…

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