Steve Jobs Freaks Out (But Not Really)

As regular readers know (or maybe don’t), I now run a fashion blog over at  In searching for content for that blog, I came across a couple of articles that would be interesting for this blog, even for people who don’t give a crap about fashion.  The first one is a farcical interview between fashion journalist, Steven Heller, and Apple founder, Steve Jobs, which pokes fun at Jobs’ seemingly one-and-only outfit of jeans and a black turtleneck and which had me cracking up.

The other (again, tongue-in-cheek) article by Ken Levine is called How to Interview a Celebrity, from which this excerpt was taken:

“Never EVER talk about yourself or bring up any topic other than her. She will stare at you in disbelief like you just killed her puppy. A call to the publicist (who’s sitting at the next table with five of her best handlers) is certain to follow.”


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