Buttered Cat Paradox

“If you drop a buttered piece of bread, it will fall on the floor butter-side down. If a cat is dropped from a window or other high and towering place, it will land on it’s feet. But what if you attach a buttered piece of bread, butter-side up to a cat’s back and toss them both out the window?”

To get the answer to this question, go to the blog, Bibi’s Box.  This is actually something that has been going around the internet for a very long time, but what I like about the presentation on Bibi’s Box is that Bibi (assuming there is actually a person named Bibi) provides a very detailed and scientific drawing of said cat with said buttered toast strapped to its (said) back.  Very official.

1 Comment

  1. HA! I love the animation. Suddenly, the universe falls into place…


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