Here’s the other poem I had published in The Advocate.  I grew up by the Pacific ocean, and although I get terribly seasick, I’ve always had a love for the ocean (as long as I’m looking at it from the shore!).

by Edie Montgomery-Pool


Lie as still as you can.
Close your eyes –
Feel the grit of the sand


To the thunderous waves;
                               you can
Hear each drop
Of the white foam spray
                               if you


To the sea gulls winging –
Hear the whir and flap,
This is nature singing;



I grant permission for this poem to be reprinted in full or in part electronically, provided the following conditions are met: 1) the author’s name is listed; 2) the site on which the poem is published is not a vanity publisher or a scam poetry contest which requires its “winners” to make a purchase or pay a fee before being published. I grant permission for this poem to be reprinted non-electronically (as in, paper) provided the previous two conditions are met, as well as 3) the publication is for either a charitable or non-profit event or organization and 4) no fee is charged for the publication in which the poem appears. A comment notifying me you have used this poem is appreciated but not required.


  1. Yes, that is precisely what it’s like – listening to nature singing. Lovely.

  2. Thank you, Sharon. 🙂

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been to the ocean in years, but that brings back the memory.

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